Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune, NetEnt Slot of the Month for June

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Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Special Avant Première of the new NetEnt slot

Machine A Sous Theme Park

NetEnt has just announced its next game release which will take place on June 22, 2016;

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

As is customary, as soon as a new NetEnt slot machine is announced it causes some pangs of heart.

However the supplier of casino games, yet world-famous, has not only had successes lately.

Of course, the slot machine Guns N 'Roses is a little gem but their game Aloha Cluster Country did not really convince us, and in fact the long awaited video slot Jimi Hendrix no more.

You will therefore agree that it is completely understandable to remain skeptical, even if still curious, before their next outing Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

We have exclusive information on the new slot machine that you may be interested in.

NetEnt brings back our best funfair memories

And the supplier is not wrong to take inspiration from fairs for its slot machine games since in the fairgrounds there are not only merry-go-rounds but also games that allow us to win prizes.

Except that with NetEnt, these are money making that you will do. Gone are the days of teddy bears and goldfish in their plastic bag!

Tea funfair according to NetEnt is virtual, of course, but also a lot more generous in terms of earnings and price.

What we remember the most about these holidays that were the joy of our childhood?

The smell of cotton candy, the cries of the bravest who ventured into haunted houses, and of course those bastards that we never won.

A concept not so original as that, bad pick for NetEnt?

Usually NetEnt slot machines never disappoint in terms of originality. Either it's about earnings multiply, of bonus games or from theme: the software - which we will soon regret bitterly in the USA - always manages to surprise us pleasantly.

And the French NetEnt mobile casinos know this well, since they extend access to American players.

Just look at the characters and graphics of the slot machine Koi Princess. Ok, she's not that extraordinary but quite frankly: the manga princess and the magic bonuses koi don't they make all the difference, compared to others slots Asian best online casinos?

Well unfortunately, we do not find the little extra NetEnt in its new slot Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune.

For having taken the time to inspect the game well, we can affirm that question of originality this time, NetEnt will come back to.

Some of the bigger casino providers have already tackled the same theme and the same functionalities, for example the symbol wild who makes the roller coaster of the slot IGT Cash coaster or the graphics of the slot Balloonies - which are strangely as childish as those of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune.

But don't do much more than that.

After all, what we're really interested in is whether this new NetEnt slot game makes the cut.

The concept is cool and takes us back to the age of innocent childhood. The graphics are of good quality although a little too childish. The soundtrack lives up to our expectations NetEnt.

tea gameplay is simple - 5 rolls in 3 rows.

The gains?

NetEnt has something to make a fuss with with the bonus games Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

It’s when you dive into the gaming action that all the fuss around the slot announcement Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is justified.

In addition to the presence of two innovative features in normal games, we count to 6 bonus mini-games which can be triggered by different bonus symbols.

And these games are interesting for:

  • The talented iConceptual idea of ​​the theme, and variations of the resulting games
  • Their value: the more you play the tickets earned and the more it earns you!

Among the different bonus games  we will find the ring game, angling, the shooting range and many other great funfair classics.

The symbol of Wild Scattered should also do all the magic of the new fairground-themed slot.  It's not just free spins in the best slots games, and we have fond memories of winning with the symbols wild bonus games - especially those that are stacked wilds.

In short, we are moderately excited for the arrival next June of a new NetEnt entry to the best online casinos such as 7Red or the newest member of the same family: Vegas Casino which is also a mobile casino. To be blunt, we can't wait for it to come out Football Champions Cup  in the next weeks.

Let's give this new NetEnt slot the benefit of the doubt and try not to just remember its theme. Let’s keep in mind that the slot machine will have ingenious game mechanics.