Arrival of Divine Fortune online

Slot Machines

The most anticipated of the jackpot games is finally available. She was long overdue, this slot machine NetEnt online jackpot. Entitled Divine Fortune online slot, you can play it in demo or in real time on most top ranked casinos. Based on Greek Mythology and 3 progressive jackpots, the game offers several ways to land winning combinations.

Now that the game is released, Divine Fortune online slot will slowly arrive at our favorite NetEnt online casinos. However, the fastest to add it to its class New machines is none other than the Belgian online casino

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Familiarize yourself to better gain Divine Fortune online

Many of us are going to get caught up in the game, but even though NetEnt casinos will have a blast offering us tempting offers in order to celebrate the arrival of the slot machine, it is better to familiarize yourself first with this new jackpot game.

  • One because it's been years since NetEnt released a slot jackpot
  • and two, because some bonuses are still unknown to us.

Tea Divine Fortune online slot is a progressive jackpot of 20 paylines, full of symbols Wild with magical powers.

Falling Wild and Wild on wild we Divine Fortune online

As soon as a Wild appears on the reels, it goes down a notch and causes an additional free spin (re-spin). This will run throughout the roll, this feature is called the Falling Wild Re-Spin. It appears very often, during normal games as well as in free spins.

During this re-spin, if you get another symbol wild just after your Falling Wild, the whole scroll is covered with symbols wild and you get better payout. This feature is called Wild on wild. It is less common but if you place an average bet it should appear every 5 spins.

Bonus jackpot game

You need at least 3 "Bonus" symbols so you can have a chance to win one of the three jackpots. This Bonus symbol is represented by a large gold coin decorated with the horse of Pegasus and has a coin payout value between 10 and 200 x bet level. Each Bonus will be collected in the big jar at the bottom right of your game screen, and after three a new game screen will appear. These are the rolls of the Bonus jackpot game, on which will be positioned at random all the bonuses that you have accumulated in the jar.

During the bonus jackpot game, there are three possibilities to win the jackpot:

  • A row of Bonus symbols (5 in a row) - Minor Jackpot
  • 2 rows of Bonus symbols (5 in a row x 2) - Major Jackpot
  • 3 rows of Bonus symbols (all screen) - Mega Jackpot

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The other surprises of Divine Fortune

The slot machine grants 12 free spins if we manage to get 5 Scatters titled FREE SPINS following. You might as well be warned, this doesn't happen often - whether it's playing in free slot or in real money. If you manage to get 3, you will inherit 5 free spins and with 4, it will be 8 free spins which will be granted to you.

But when you take a closer look at the redistribution rate of Divine Fortune, which should not exceed the 96.6% we understand that all the highest paying symbols cannot fall as frequently as the Wild. And then the winnings are still from another world (600 times the stake anyway).