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Bicicleta Euro 2016 winning slot machine

Spotlight on one of the best online football games

Ecran de jeu slot Bicicleta Gain

Play your money on the Bicicleta slot is a bit like playing a Euro match. Stadium atmosphere, fun features and special symbols propel the news slot machine Yggdrasil at the top of football slots.

The slot Bicicleta came online at casinos Yggdrasil in early summer 2016, just in time for Euro 2016 to kick off.

Consisting of 25 fixed paylines and 5 reels, this is a mobile game of the video slot and average volatility.

Bicicleta is one of the most successful football themed slots.

Why did Yggdrasil Gaming choose to call it the Bicicleta slot?

Most professional footballers have taken at least one extended volley shot.

Bicicleta has a functionality which is the perfect representation of it and this is partly the reason that makes it one of the best casino games allowing us to get into the Euro 2016 matches.

Even for less football fans, the sportsmanship of this new mobile casino game is exceptional.

Until we see if our predictions for the USA are good, let's take a closer look Bicicleta, the only casino slot machine game that honors a penalty shoot-out executed in bicycle (or in scissors returned).

More like a 3D slot machine than its big sister Wicked Circus, tea video slot Bicicleta takes its name from the famous football terminology intended to describe the most spectacular football gesture.

Running a bicycle is when a player scores a 360 degree acrobatic goal. How many times have you attended?

We can't say that this is a widely used football expression. And for good reason, how many times have we attended such a spectacle during a football match ? Will play Bicicleta, it is precisely to attend goals in Bicycle. When the session free spins starts, which the soccer players mark by running a bicycle and the symbols sticky wilds are displayed on the game screen - you will have an unforgettable gaming experience in a live stadium atmosphere, worthy of that of the Euro 2016 football championship.

Bicicleta Slot Machine Review

When this Yggdrasil slot game came out online at the casino, we found it - from the earliest days spins, already seen.

Instant cash thanks to a special symbol on the fifth reel, special animations that transform the symbols into Sticky wilds during the free spins of the bonus game ..

In short, it looks like a copy of Vikings Go Wild, Yggdrasil slot, this time with the football theme.

Fortunately, the slot Bicicleta is not 100% identical to other Yggdrasil games although the similarities are striking.  And even if it was, just because one casino game has the same bonus features as another doesn't mean it's not worth it.

The slot machine Vikings Go Wild is hugely loved by players of Yggdrasil casinos, especially because of the great graphics, sound effects and excellent free spins as a bonus. There is not much different in Bicicleta and to be honest, unlike other soccer slot machine games like Football Champions Cup at NetEnt, the atmosphere is much more lively, with an interactive crowd of fans reacting when you win, and real footballers.

This slot game is by far one of the most interesting, especially since the 5 reels and 4 rows of the Bicicleta slot look great on Android and iPhone mobile screens as well as on tablets.

What the slot machine Bicicleta really in the belly

Apart from the usual symbols Wild (here in black and white) which replace the others with the exception of scatters and Free Spins, tea Bonus Trophy in Silver that appears on the fifth reel will be particularly profitable in free money and in free spins.

The value of a loan varies greatly, starting from a euro cent up to $ 4.

Number of free spins that can be granted also varies between 8 and 12. If we get the silver trophy during the games of free spins, we will be able to obtain a scroll entirely covered with symbols Wild - which is much better than a simple extra lap!

The best reasons to play Bicicleta slot

  • 3, 4 or 5 combinations of Scatters (i.e. the soccer ball) yields 8, 16 or 24 respectively free spins
  • 4 Football Pros each have their symbol. Whenever one of these symbols appears on the game screen (i.e. almost every turn), they ride a bicycle to score
  • If they really score, the Pro Player Symbol becomes a symbol Wild for the entire remaining duration of the game free spins. Otherwise, we do a new spin.
  • Free spins fall quite frequently and thus leave no room for boredom

Playing on Bicicleta is first and foremost about having fun

The enthusiasm of the Euro 2016 championship is beautifully reflected in the Bicicleta slot game. This is especially the case when it is the series of symbols Sticky wild.

The soccer game Bicicleta is not expensive but you still have to be a little careful with the stakes. Bicicleta will not win as much in its path as the slot machine Vikings Go Wild but keep in mind that this is a Yggdrasil casino game. Therefore, there is a nice potential to make big winnings but you also need to be able to bet.

Basically, Bicicleta is like an excellent football match: to have the best chance of winning you need a good seated defensive and offensive.

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