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Lexique Online Casino et Slots

Familiarize yourself with the world of the casino by learning its vocabulary and consulting our reviews of slot machines

Too few online sites really explain the terms and expressions of virtual gambling.

However, the online gambling industry is booming and a better familiarization of gambling expressions is required.

As great fans of the game, we wanted to share our slot machine reviews while discussing the terms of jargon employed in the industry of casinos online.

The goal is to serve American players, as we would have liked to have been served us, when we started out on the internet.

We give to start in French, with some simple words, the meaning of terms and expressions the most common but on which the good French that we are may not understand.

Speak the language of online casinos before clicking Play

Let's start with general notions relating to casino games in line.

  • Bonus: this term encompasses all the advantages that players can enjoy and that are offered to them by the online casino.
  • High roller bonus or bonus for big players: Intended for frequent players, betting large sums of money and whose value of promotions are adapted to these last.
  • House edge (Home advantage): percentage withheld from the player's winnings for the benefit of the online casino.
  • No deposit bonus (no deposit bonus): This is a bonus offered free of charge to players who do not yet have an account at the online casino. The value of this bonus does not exceed the sum of 10 euros.
  •  Welcome Bonus (bwelcome): bonus offered to players who have just opened an account. bIt represents a percentage calculated by the casino and which takes into account the amount you have deposited on it. This bonus is very attractive because it can give you significant gains, sometimes reaching four times the amount you paid into your account!
  • VIP Where Loyalty Bonus (Loyalty bonus): Also called VIP bonus. As its name suggests, the loyalty bonus is mainly reserved for long-time players and allows them to benefit from many advantages such as gift certificates, travel, mobiles, etc.
  • Games Equity (game fairness): This is a program that vouches for the completely random nature of the games. It is subject to regular control by specialized laboratories. Ensuring the well-being of players online, it is essential so that neither of you can be disadvantaged to the detriment of others.
  • Fun play (Fun or Demo mode): it is a game mode completely devoid of financial commitment and which allows the player to access the game for free and thus become familiar with. However, it will not grant you any cash benefit - since you are playing fictitious games.
  • Real Money (Real Mode): This mode requires opening an account and depositing money. It gives you access to all online games with the possibility of placing bets and winning prizes.
  • Flash: this version, attached to certain casinos, allows instant access to the various games offered, which then become available from any browser connected to the internet.
  • Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use): each online casino has a charter explaining the rights and duties of the player that they will be required to read and respect. Any indelicacy coming from a player but also from a casino can result in a legal act.

Now let's discuss the vocabulary of the slot machine, a true symbol of the casino!

Vocabulary of slot machines

  • Gold slot slot machine (slot machine, one-armed bandit): synonymous with slot machine.
  • Symbol: these are the different images or graphics - in the online casino industry they are called symbols. They display and line up on the reels and hopefully set up a combination.
  • Reels (Rollers): each of the rotating cylinders on which the symbols are printed.They are three to five in number.
  • Line Where payline (Win line or pay line): these are the different configurations or combinations of winning symbols. These are different on each slot machine. They can be horizontal, vertical, zigzag, etc. It is important to know that to hope to win, you must first have activated the payment line. An activated payment line means that you have wagered a credit on that line. Conversely, if a combination is displayed on this line and you have not bet on it, you will have won a combination but it will not earn you any money.
  • Payout table or payout table: indicates the winning combinations, vertical, horizontal, or other various configurations. Each machine has its own table that you can consult.
  • Bet Max: maximum bet. By activating this button, you select at once the maximum stake allowed for a given machine. When there is a progressive jackpot, it can only be won if you have played in bet max mode.
  • Bet one: button allowing to add a credit (to bet) and therefore to select a winning line. Each time this button is pressed, an additional line is selected.
  • Free spin: these are additional and free spins granted by the slot machine.
  • Bonus game (Bonus Game): additional game available on most machines. If this symbol appears, you have the option of playing a game that often has nothing to do with the slot machine - spin a wheel of fortune for example, but also get free spins.
  • Random number generator or RNG: computer program that generates random numbers to create random combinations. This program makes any attempt at cheating impossible.
  • Loyalty point or "comp points": points offered to players loyal to a given casino. They can be exchanged for a bonus or converted into money according to the principle of the online casino.
  • Progressive Slot progressive gold jackpot: jackpot, the amount of which increases as and when bets are made on one or more associated slot machines. The combination of slot machines of course increases the value of the pot even more.
  • Redistribution rate (payout ratio Where return to player): this rate is measured as a percentage for a given slot machine. Concretely, the payout rate of a machine of 97% means that 97% of the total amount that was played in the machine is donated to the winners. The remaining 3% constituting the profit of the casino. To find out more, here is our article on slot machines paying.
  • Spin: it is the rotation of the rollers that starts after placing a bet.
  • Scatter: when this symbol appears on the screen, it gives you additional free spins. Each scatter has a different number of free spins awarded. To be playable, unlike the wild, the scatter must not be on an activated payline.
  • Volatility (Volatility): This is an indication of the frequency of winning combinations on a given machine. High volatility means a large number of winning combinations but also a modest value of the winnings. Low volatility, conversely, offers a small number of winning combinations but also an even greater gain. Gain and volatility are therefore inversely proportional.
  • Wild: it is a joker card which, if it appears, makes it possible to complete a winning line. It must obviously be on an activated payment line.

How a real slot machine works?

The classic slot machine works with a complex combination of levers, detents and springs that activate three to five reels. These rollers feature graphic signs which, by lining up, constitute a combination. The winning combination consists of at least three identical graphics aligned horizontally.

To find out more, see our article on rules of the game and the different slot machine games

In virtual, what does it give?

Virtual slots are computer generated. All slot machines have random number generators which will determine the final position of symbols and the associated payouts.

Compared to the classics, these machines offer a multitude of possibilities for winning combinations!  Horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even zigzag!

In addition, the player can benefit from bonuses, spin free, wild cards, etc. So many possibilities to increase your earnings!

The sounds are pleasant, the graphics in shimmering colors, the theme addressed on each machine is available to all tastes.

Check out our Slot Machine Reviews in this section; Slot Machines.

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