Kéno casino version: a game of lottery, chance and money

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The lottery is modernized with the arrival of Kéno on online casino

Online keno effectively combines the useful with the enjoyable by offering us, in addition to the dream, more entertainment. This page is dedicated to keno, which has become one of the best lottery games, particularly loved by the French.

The Eastern Roots of Keno

Originally from the Asian continent, he appeared many centuries ago among the people of Asia. Although hugely popular already, it was considered more of a hobby because the fun was only less. It must be said that the taxation was used to supply the army and the government, whose main purpose was to build the most beautiful Chinese monuments. It wasn't until we arrived in Nevada, the most welcoming of gambling towns, that keno became endlessly successful. Good timing for this game which benefited from the crowning of Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world.

Radical change in how to play Keno

With its arrival in America, we expected the numbers to replace the Chinese characters on the game. However, the decrease in the latter surprised more than one. Chinese keno boards had almost twice as many numbers which made the game a bit too complicated and for a game to be fun it had to be kept as simple as possible. The first change was therefore the birth of the Kéno grid with 80 numbers. As for the rules of the game unchanged, they are similar to those of lotto or bingo. We buy our ticket, we play the races with or without applying keno predictions and we wait for the result of the draw.

Keno races

Our keno grid of 80 numbers well in hand, we are about to check off the numbers on which we are going to bet, and which, hopefully, will be the numbers of the outgoing draw. In a standard game of keno, you will have to tick at least 2 numbers. Beyond 10 numbers, you should usually be prepared to bet more. The bets in keno are the same as in bingo, so a few cents will be enough to be able to play. Online keno casinos are particularly useful if you want to play keno small, because the stakes are minimal for juicy winnings.

Keno tips and predictions

Whether you are a casual, regular or passionate player, our chances of winning at online casino keno are the same as those of winning at traditional land-based keno. Also, there is no real secret to winning, but there are methods and techniques to increase our chances:

  • Always check the house advantage

Let's start by ruling out the lower odds of winning in keno and play where the house edge is the lowest possible. This therefore means that we will carefully search for the best online casino in terms of competitiveness in terms of commission levy. The less the casino charges, the better.

  • Using probabilities to play smart

A strategy common to all games of chance and money is to consider the results of the previous draw so that you can do probability calculations on the numbers that should come out on the next move. In keno, some numbers come out more than others or come out in a row (12 and 13 for example). Knowing this can be very useful, especially for participants of keno tournaments.