Where to play bingo online?

Whether you are followers of bingo French free or whether you play it for real money, you have the choice between several variations first, and then some online casinos more suitable for the bingo variation you prefer. Take for example STAKES Where Wild sultan, who offer classic bingo at a low dose. These platforms, which are now references on the web, do not have more than one ten of variants, the most popular being the Pachinko (RCT Gaming creation).

There are however (and fortunately) different ways to play virtual bingo, such as playing in a virtual room. Among the most trusted online casinos, OnlineBingo.eu is one of the most recommended since it specializes in Live variants and belongs to a reputable group of casinos.

Finally, there is also Bingo in automatic play (numbers checked automatically, fast game with accelerated drawing of numbers).

You can also opt for games with or without a jackpot, however rarer.

Many of us don't have a lot of time to devote to online gaming, so what we are looking for first and foremost is immediate access to the game.

We therefore favor the fact of playing online bingo without registration or downloading. Either way, playing this game at a reliable and recommended online casino does not change your habits, except that you can be reassured of the payment of winnings. However, expect the game to be much faster than in the terrestrial hall, and access to bingo tournaments to be easier!

Top Variants to Play Online Bingo

Internet bingo games are in - especially on online casinos. And while in the past we were very happy with land-based hall bingo, the online trend is just a reflection of the current lifestyle. No more time, no money, or even the desire to go outside and play.

Also, many of us think bingo has always been about user-friendliness, so wouldn't playing bingo online ultimately be against its nature??

Not really, since we have rooms with live chat to live chat.

Progress and new technology prevail, and this is the main reason we always end up warmly welcoming any new form of bingo that virtually emerges. Take for example mobile bingo game, which is very useful to us when we are bored in the waiting room or in public transport.

Another example is the progressive bingo which is only offered at online casinos. If you can win the jackpot at a tournament, as much as it comes with a jackpot. Our society reflects a way of life that has evolved. And as it should be, the bingo draw game also evolves over time.


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How is an online bingo game played??

Click on the bingo game of your choice and wait for the game to load.

You select / buy your boxes (grids) and wait for the draw.

The game starts when the first number drawn is displayed. You just have to check if this same number is on your cardboard and mark it. As the numbers are drawn, the player will each time check, very carefully, whether he has the outgoing number.

The first to have an entire row, whether horizontally, diagonally or vertically wins.

If you have ever played land bingo, you know that each column on your bingo card is associated with a letter of the word bingo :

  • Column B: numbers 1 to 15
  • Column I: numbers 16 to 30
  • Column N: numbers 31 to 45
  • Column G: numbers from 46 to 60
  • Column O: numbers from 61 to 75

Depending on the bingo hall or online casino, bingo patterns and grids vary. The models are simply those famous combinations to achieve, for example the whole line, tea four corners Where the whole grid.

The most popular bingo combination around the world is to complete the entire grid. Bingo for the first player to succeed; he wins the game and walks away with the jackpot (being stared at by regulars, especially if the player is a newbie).

Favorite Online Bingo Games

As with most casino games, there are some drawing games that are more popular than others. Bingo is the favorite game among all the scratch card and draw games online because

  • it varies greatly in terms of themes, the amount of authorized grids and numbers
  • played online at a casino, you get bonuses (bonus happy hour bingo or no deposit bonus, ect)

Also, bingo players have their favorite version of bingo. The most common online versions are:

  • 90 ball bingo,
  • bingo 75 balls
  • live bingo
  • progressive bingo (bingo with jackpot)

One thing is for sure, if you decide to play bingo online you will win real money winnings and not supposedly greedy baskets of foul cassoulet and cheap wine that you will never consume.

The online bingo game 75 balls is the most popular variant. To play 75balls online bingo, you need a grid with 5 rows and 5 columns for a total of 24 randomly numbered boxes, and a wild box in the center of the grid.

In short, your card has 24 numbers, ranging from 1 to 75.

Before starting, on your game screen will be displayed the combination of balls to obtain. You will need to complete either a whole line, either the four corners Where the whole map (generally these are the most common combinations). The boxes are then completed automatically by the software according to the draw.

Particularitys of 75 ball bingo

  • Unlike other bingo games, the grids of the 75 ball variant consist of only 5 rows and 5 columns. The configuration is simpler
  • 75 Ball Bingo is suitable for beginners and pros alike