Responsible play with In

The policy pursued by is focused on Responsible Gaming. We encourage all players to choose the virtual gaming platform that respects responsible gaming and that allows them to limit their playing time, deposits and loss of money.

The Responsible Player and the Responsible Casino

As a responsible player, your mission will be to find a casino that performs strict verification means. For example, the online casino you choose should always verify your age to ensure that you are not a minor. In addition, the latter must promise to act if he notices that fraudulent or inaccurate information concerning the identification and / or age of a player has reached him. A Responsible Casino does not target a minor audience and it is its duty to ask any new user to provide a photocopy of their Identity Card with proof of address or bank statement.

Likewise, if minors are living in your place of residence, use a password that will restrict access to your computer or tablet / mobile if you are playing from other devices. Protection software also exists, for example SafeKids.

If you suspect any minor whatsoever of playing at an online casino, act as a responsible citizen and send an email to the website in question which should take them seriously and investigate.


We take care to control as much as possible the promos and other offers that we display on the site or that appear as a pop-up. We also endeavor to remain benevolent to our readers by warning them of false beliefs in the world of gambling and of so-called famous secrets to winning at gambling.

To demonstrate our commitment to assisting and protecting a player who is not of legal age to play at the casino or who wishes to set limits on the game, here is some useful information to turn to:

  • Take stock and determine what place does gambling occupy in your life with EVALUJEU. Here you will also find valuable tips, tactics for controlling the game as well as a list of support organizations such as Players Info Service
  • Educate yourself, inform yourself in order to prevent against addiction. By recognizing the signs of addiction, you can save lives.
  • Know that you can ask the Voluntary Gambling Ban to the Home Office or voluntary exclusion from customer support from any site of your online casino

Voluntary Exclusion

A serious and competent online casino must offer voluntary exclusion to its players by asking them to send an email to block their account. If you think that gambling has a huge impact on your life rather than just a hobby, know that:

  • Getting angry during a loss of money or a game malfunction at an online casino is alarming (including any slurs the email or message may contain)
  • Trying to win back real money losses is the entry point into the vicious circle of compulsive gambling
  • Borrowing money or selling personal property in order to be able to gamble is addictive gambling behavior
  • Lying to family / friends about time / money spent gambling is not healthy
  • Failure to respect your money budget or the time budget spent playing is alarming
  • Any thoughts that are negative or harmful to your health as a result of gambling should be addressed immediately

If you think you are subject to any of the above situations, we encourage you to contact ADDICTEL which is an anonymous and free service that can be reached by toll-free number (landline).

Users of In have full responsibility for determining whether or not it is legal for them to play a particular game or place a particular bet.