Best prepaid bank card comparison

Best online casino payment methods

Without the Minitel, a kitsch object that has become cult, we would not have been able to make this long road towards the digitization of payment methods. If we can now make our purchases online as discreetly as possible, it is in particular thanks to the prepayment. So what is the best, most secure prepaid bank card?? Focus on those related to electronic wallets allowing us to cash in our earnings.

Prepaid cards linked to e-wallets mark the end of a bygone era, during which we were required by banking establishments. Since 2011, more and more of us have used electronic means of payment, with anonymous or non-type prepaid bank cards such as Neocash.

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Even the best prepaid bank card isn't for everyone

If you are used to using your credit card to pay online, you should know that shopping sites are taking more and more precautions. You should therefore familiarize yourself with the procedure to follow if you choose to make a deposit by prepaid card into your player account.

In the case of online casinos (which verify the connection, identity, age of the player), the evaluation of a risky transaction will result in a refusal of payment.  Sometimes it's a simple geo-location conflict (so be careful with your IP and VPN) but your prepaid card may also not manage the security system 3D Secure (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode).

Beware of the limit on cards that allow withdrawals. Some impose a limit in time (withdrawals authorized x times for example) or in money.

Also remember to check all the fees that will be imposed on you before buying your card, because depending on the general conditions of sale and various services, there may be calculation errors. For this, the online chat assistance is practical.

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Value for money of the best prepaid bank cards

Not all cards are created equal, especially when looking at their prices and services.

Also, we must take into account what is expected from the prepayment, are we going to withdraw from the distributor?? If this is not the case, a prepaid card without cash withdrawals will be ideal.

The best prepaid bank card is therefore not the same for everyone.  The parameters to take into account when choosing a prepaid card are:

  • Card acquisition costs
  • Operating and usage costs
  • Free recharge or not
  • Withdrawal or payment fees (especially outside the euro zone)
  • Limits and ceilings (loading and payment)

Our results are only indicative and come from independent players. In no case are these recommendations for a prepaid bank card or any other.

Comparison of the best prepaid bank card

Difficult to navigate among the plethora of prepayment solutions. Between the CashLib vouchers  accepted for deposits and CB lib card not yet allows on all certified casinos but which you to withdraw, Neteller which has disappeared from circulation and the new ones e-wallets, the best way to navigate is still a comparative.  This concerns the prepayment, and in particular the companies that offer it with as a bonus one withdrawal solution.

The most used prepaid cards have been tested by a group of independent experts and the terms of use of each have been consulted. We send you our most relevant remarks.

  • Visa Anytime and Transcash Max: These cards are accepted almost everywhere, the one-year subscription is inexpensive and the transaction fees are free. On the other hand, daily withdrawals are limited to a maximum of $ 500 and the loading costs are on average 4%. A withdrawal fee of $ 2 will be charged, and unless it is a debit card, the card is capped at a maximum amount.
  • MasterCard (Neteller, Papaya, UpayCard): Transactions are generally free (it all depends on the type of card) but the loading costs are substantial and there are always withdrawal costs. The prepaid card Net+ (Neteller) is free, however it is one of the most expensive to manage. Big drawback of this card; apart from the need to have a bank account in your name, is the fact that there are no Neteller casinos anymore. With the exception of a few who accept bitcoin as the certified Belgian online casino Casino777.
  • NeoCash is both an electronic wallet (Myneosurf) offering the prepaid ticket and the Neocash card. Among the +, the transaction fees for the USA are free and the fees are inexpensive (withdrawals charged $ 2, monthly management at 1.5 $). On the other hand, in some cases withdrawals are limited to once or twice a month, which is a problem for players who withdraw their winnings regularly. The support and the design of the site are a bit disappointing but at least we can top up the card in different ways (bank card, wire transfer, check, neocash coupon).
  • Postal bank (Visa, CB): Appreciated by the French because the loading and transaction fees are free (withdrawals billed at 65c), it remains impractical due to the impossibility of transfer. You can only top it up by credit card or bank transfer (not in cash). It has the CB logo which allows it to be accepted almost everywhere. Its user costs outside Europe are high and unfortunately still too few reliable casinos propose it.
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