The end of Bitcoin casinos?


The FN wants to ban virtual money, starting with bitcoin

Casinos Bitcoin

Are we meant to play board games?

If you've recently been to casinos bitcoin, you must have wondered how to use your virtual currency on your casino games favorite.

Because Bitcoin has reached a high level of popularity quite quickly in the online casino community - it is more and more accepted - and is even starting to be solid.

The freedom to play in the USA, how long and how?

At the land-based casino, you can only play real money games with real money.

As for the good practitioners of draw games, they officially have the choice between a few large groups with a monopoly.

Online, even on best casinos, gambling has been a problem for a long time.

It is perfectly normal to be pro responsible gambling - something any serious online casino should encourage - but from there to instituting dictate laws on the control of our money, there is room.

So what should we be complaining about?

Simply limits on our freedom to act.

And even the most 'penists' of us can understand. It's still OUR money.

Exactly, let's talk about our fictitious money. Here is a subject that is more topical than any other at the start of summer 2016 in the USA.

Before choosing a ‘;bitcoin casino', read this article which talks about its future potential. And perhaps also, in your interest as a casino player, find out about the future of the partnership Neteller and Bitcoin - so as not to lose feathers.

The FN wants to get rid of Bitcoin in the USA

No country except Russia has yet made it clear that it does not want bitcoin. Until a political party in the USA does what seems a (bad) imitation ‘; politico-casino‘; of Trump.

The political party of National Front has just displayed - in his still direct way - his determination to fight virtual currencies, aiming in particular bitcoin.

In a publication made at the end of May 2016, the Front National declared that virtual currencies should be considered serious threats to the economy of the USA.

Front National leader Marie Le Pen, who is running in the 2017 presidential elections, accuses world leaders and the power of Wall Street stockholders of ‘; wanting to position bitcoin in such a way as to create a world intended for virtual cash and no longer for the real euro.

Focus on bitcoin

Decentralized virtual currency such as bitcoin was created to give us back control over our money. We can thus ttransfer our money and also use it to buy online. Safe, of course.

Bitcoin in French - 'bit’Which means binary information unit and 'corner' which means piece of money.

The official definition?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, that is, an electronic money running on a decentralized computer system (the connections used for its use do not go through an intermediate central server - there is just an individual and a server).

Basically it's a virtual currency.

A currency that gives us the possibility as responsible consumers and free in our actions to empty our bank accounts if we fear low or even negative interest rates.

And there it is; the basis of the problem.

More Bitcoin in the USA?

Definitely, we are bent on the virtual use of our money.

According to the FN, we should contemplate our virtual money without using it.

In short, your virtual money can exist but not used. Note, this is not a first: card games like the poker; we can play peanuts but not real money.

The use of virtual currency such as Bitcoin should therefore be banned, since it presents a risk that the real banknotes and coins will disappear.

Until we see if this will really help us save the economy of our country, let's explore this idea - a little too stuck for our liking.

Because with a reasoning as it is, there is enough to ask questions about the real interests of the political party.

American players, welcome to the idealization of a life of Monopoly

Our virtual money would only be intended to be viewed and played in fictitious fashion

Here is a very curious conception of the National Front on virtual currency. Curious, because it is confusing.

  1. Why would the political party want to prevent the use of crypto currencies in the USA while we live more and more in a digital world?
  2. Why the success of new currencies worries-Does the FN so much criticize the rule of negative rates established by large banks Central European and Japanese?

As usual, everything is still so confused in politics.

Virtual currencies in the USA would they all soon hit the carpet?

Bitcoin is economical for us, but not only.

It also represents our freedom - devoid of any corruption - to act autonomously. One of our main values ​​being freedom to do what we want with our money seems compromised.

If the National Front wins the presidential elections in 2017 anyway, we may be deprived of the free choice of how we use our money.

While waiting to see what will become of our e-wallets very useful and to live the future of Bitcoin or from Coinbase next year, let's not worry too much.

We do not stop the progress of new technology, let us remember, reshuffle the cards of a not always good game.

And yew we want to buy bitcoins, we will succeed in the USA or elsewhere.