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These casinos that show the performance of their online slot machine games

Machine Ras-Bord Hot/Cold Slots

To improve the chances of having a winning slot machine session, approach hot slots, that is, slot machines with a high payout rate

Have you ever seen the face of someone who hits the jackpot at slots??

Quite frankly, we were too busy watching the gold spurting out and hearing it ringing loudly.

Land-based casinos have made the right bet to bait us on their slot machines making the lucky jackpot winners as visible as possible.  They place their highest paying - 'hottest' - slot machines close to the entrances of casinos, bars or restaurants so that lucky winners will be envied. Thus, other players will also try their luck to hit the jackpot. Here is one of the best land-based casino strategies for attracting gamblers.

Are online casinos at a disadvantage?

Only the smartest could find a way to make it easier to access their best slots, the highest paying ones - in other words their ‘hot slots ’

These casinos that give the payout ratio

As a French casino player, we admit that we are hardly ever satisfied with the services of a casino. Online casinos all the more so, even the best, have trouble convincing us.

They have the heavy task of conquering our soul as a French player and only some have succeeded by proving that they are trustworthy. Certainly, among the little extras there are online gaming sites in French, player assistance in French, descriptions of casino games in French and exclusive promotional offers.

But above all, what we really want is to play at an online casino from better reputation. Thus, we favor the seriousness and reliability of an online casino. He has to be regulated, he has to pay his players well and thegame fairness that he proposes must be irreproachable.

When legal notices and the random number generator are no longer enough for us

If we are sure we are playing at the right virtual casino and if the numbers are generated completely at random, why do we still have the impression of a machine is sometimes we have winnings, and sometimes cold?

To tell the truth, a slot machine by definition is never really on the right track or not. However, long term, machine is approaching its payout percentage.

And this is exactly what online casinos are going to play on to dramatically improve the online casino gaming experience.

If like us, you love them slot machines and you have always wondered what are the games you are most likely to win online - take a look at the casino Wild sultan.

Indicating the rhigh or low distribution over 24 hours and ivolatility index for each of their slots, Wild Sultan takes up the challenge of land-based casinos which is to attract players.

To the delight of slots fans in addition, the redistribution rates of the games are displayed very clearly, and in highly color.

“Hot” or “cold” slot machines

All slot machines have a payout percentage (programmed into their processors) which determines the house edge. This percentage is a theoretical percentage and is only proven in the long term. This does not mean that in the short term, he cannot deviate a little from this rate.

Now, if a slot machine has a payout percentage of 97%, in the long run it should pay back 97% of the money it takes - so far you are following us. This slot machine will therefore be considered as ‘hot slot machine’.

Except that here, the redistribution rate announced on most casinos such as Wild Sultan is based on a period of 24 hours. This is why it is important to understand that redistribution data is based on a 24 hour period.

Usual slot machine ratio: what exactly do you win? ?

On online casinos, you should know that redistribution rate varies by software vendor. The majority of online slots have a payout ratio of between 95-97% - below that they are not very interesting for players, who are wrong to think like this. A slot machine with a high redistribution rate offers players more value for their money admittedly. Corn redistribution rate should not be mixed with frequency.

Understand the calculation of the yield of a slot machine

On most of those casinos that display the payout ratio of their games, you will frequently find next to each game two types of data on yield Game:

  • The first type of data is the indication of the redistribution rate for a duration and for bets specific. This percentage is the result of amount donated divided by tea sum of bets for this same period. For example, if Gonzo’s Quest donated 950 euros and there was a total of 1,000 euros in bets during that same period of time, so the current payout rate of the slot Gonzo ’Quest should be 95%
  • The second data tells you if the game has become loose (high redistribution) or tight (low) since the previous month, at the time of the last update. This is also called 'game odds'

Real vs. Theory

To distinguish between the theoretical and real redistribution rate, one simply needs to understand how these two rates are calculated.

tea real rate performance of a game is based on real data (bets and winnings over a specific period of time)

tea theoretical rate of performance of a game is the percentage expected to be donated to the player who has played optimally. This theoretical data turns out to be the most useful, because the theoretical ratio does not change over time. Thus, this rate is similar to the 'house odds' of any table game at the casino.

Do not lose sight of the fact that..

All casino slots Wild sultan (and the vast majority of casinos around the world) are independently random. This means that regardless of the 'hot' or 'cold' trend - cold slot, hot slot - we can not be sure about the results of the winnings. Likewise, the actual payout rate should in no way be a guarantee and is more for entertainment than anything else. If you are simply interested in the best bets at the casino, rely on the theoretical mode instead: the closer the slot machine gets to 100%, the more chance there is of winning over it in the long run.