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7 Chance Gains Jackpot

Recent best-of progressive jackpots and other big wins

If we've ever dreamed of becoming millionaires overnight?

No. We never dreamed of it as long as we remember it.

Don't we wanna become millionaires?


Why no?

Because we only too rarely play jackpot games and online casino hot slots, that's why.

Hitting a jackpot is like winning the lotto. Some are lucky, but most of them don't believe it.

How do we know if we are lucky enough to hit the jackpot or not? Because we never dreamed of winning one, that's why!

No dream, no jackpot.

Let's give voice to recent casino jackpot winners

While sore losers accuses online casinos of not redistributing and others have lost hope of hitting the jackpot at progressive slots, others we knew lose to finally win one day. And win big.

Quite a few progressive jackpots have fallen into the hands of the lucky lucky ones over the past few years.

The champion of slot machines is here Mega moolah slot Microgaming casino which is the software with the oldest progressive jackpot network with 500 million paid jackpots.

Enough to give us back our faith in the game.

The latest Super Big Gains

They made iGaming headlines and show us that winning at the casino doesn't just happen to others.

To give you back the hope of one day making the gains you have always dreamed of, here is our top list of the last jackpots collected.

Mega Fortune slot NetEnt

A summer sunday. While some are at the beach this afternoon, David does a quick casino search for the best mobile games.

Swedish player stumbles upon a good Microgaming gaming site and opens a new player account. He then chooses to do some real spins on the Mega Fortune slot. He spends visibly and tells himself it's not his day. He decides to continue until his gambling budget is exhausted and to quit.

But luckily for him, Lady Luck had another fate in store for him.

With a stake of 9 euros, David manages to trigger the bonus game. Having no idea of ​​the rules of bonus wheel Game Mega Fortune, he waits for the end of free spins when suddenly something abnormal happens. An endless number of digits appear and flash on its screen. These numbers were in fact the sum of the jackpot he had just hit. David wins the 2.9 million Mega Fortune jackpot.

Mega Fortune is at its 33rd jackpot with 4 million euros as the largest amount won. Flagship game NetEnt, it has redistributed into tens of millions since its launch. This is one of the best progressive slots in NetEnt, followed by Hall of Gods and MegTo Fortune Dreams.

To note:

The one who takes over from Mega Fortune is none other than Mega Fortune Dreams slot, from the same NetEnt family. It also has 3 jackpots of different amounts and the one that fell in July 2016 is the Major Jackpot, with 136,000 euros.

Arabian Nights, another one from NetEnt

The progressive jackpot game that is Arabian Nights changed the lives of very lucky players at Slots Café casino. Tea slot has just distributed over 1 million euros and the story of this winning is just as impressive.

The million euro winner propelled the game Arabian Nights # 1 of the best NetEnt jackpot slots. On June 16, 2016 Dennis (Warwickshire, England) signed up as a new player and made his first deposit of 35 euros. A few hours later, David decides to play on Arabian Nights and wins 1,021,289.86 million euros. David, soon to be a dad again, plans to build his family's future by opening his own start-up.

The 2 most unexpected jackpots in casino history

Jackpot Yaggdrasil won on a mobile casino in the toilets

Casinos offer us mobile games so that we can play anywhere from our laptop or tablet... even in the WC. And all mobile games can earn as much as PC games. This is what this Swedish player can confirm from Yggdrasil casino - who did not hesitate to do some spins real money on the slot machine Holmes and the Stolden Stones.

The jackpot is not astronomical but has the merit of surprising everyone, even the most skeptical of the redistribution of mobile games. The Stockholm player is doubly lucky with his 36.846 euro jackpot and for his daring which allowed him to be in the right place at the right time.

Dead or Alive by NetEnt in Bitcoins

Dead or Alive was already players' favorite slot machine, but no one would have believed that the game was also paying off at this point! A new jackpot winner, who is also a new player of Bitcoin casinos had just registered with one of the best casinos of its kind.

After having made his first deposit and bet on the Dead or Alive slot, which is one of the most volatile and fun, the lucky one wins 17,000 euros.

All the more reason to continue playing on one of the most popular slots at NetEnt casinos like Wild sultan.

To give us back our hopes of winning, we give you these recent examples of players who prove to us that they have had a good number of dream wins on certain games, and not just progressive slots.

Try out the best jackpot or non-jackpot online casinos and good luck!