The universe online of the slot machine: find your style of play

Jeux de Machines A Sous

The majority of French online casino slot players prefer free slot machines without downloading. However, the choice is so vast that a quick guide to the different slot type variants is in order.

We have all played at a real slot machine and have had a taste of real money gambling at least once, but today we have the advantage of playing free slots at an online casino. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it, only here it is, the gaming offer is so vast that 45% of players choose a slot machine at random. There is no problem with that other than the fact that the entertainment is not there. Indeed, if the tastes and colors vary; choosing the right slot machine is important to be sure to fully enjoy the gaming experience. What is the point of playing without having fun, when we know that we are as likely to win real money as we are to lose??

Machines and shapes

The first step is a good understanding of the different types offered, because to choose you must already understand what the names and features mean. For example, at most online casinos the slot machine variants can be found in the section all slots (according to 'all slot machines'). Once you land in this section, you will find games divided by category (progressive slots, video slots), and sometimes even by subcategory (progressive bonus slots, progressive slots with multiply). Already when we weren't that good in English, these words seem incomprehensible to us, and even with all the goodwill in the world, we never really understand what they mean. Here are some examples with translations.

  • Payline: payment line

A classic slot machine normally consists of 3 reels. The goal is to have the same symbol appear consecutively along the same line. This line is called udo payline (payline). It must be activated (i.e. you must have pre-selected it by betting on it) in order for it to earn you any winnings.

  • Multiple payline slots: slot machines with multiple paylines

Type of slot machines on which we can activate paylines as we see fit. One of the slot machine tips is to vary between big bet on a small amount of paylines and small bet on as many paylines as possible.

  • Multiply slots: slot machines with multiply

As the name suggests, the role of the multiplier is to multiply the winnings. Can appear from three to (usually) 10, it's always chance that we come across.

  • Progressive slots: progressive slots

What progresses in these slot machines is the amount of the jackpot. So these special jackpot slot machines are slot machines with a little higher stakes, since part of the stake will be intended to be added to the jackpot. Progressive slots pay a lot in real money, but the odds of winning are lower than on other slots. There are a number of progressive jackpot slot machines, especially in tournaments.

  • Progressive bonus slots: progressive bonus slots

This is not the casino bonus like the no deposit bonus. Bonus machines can actually be machines with bonus symbols, which will work in our favor (much like wild cards). The bonus may also be in the form of a mini-game, bonus rounds or free spins (free spins).

Common and Favorite Variants of Online Slots

Also, some virtual casinos do not bother to sort their slot machine games, which makes the choice more difficult (and which makes us lose our patience). All we wanted was to play on a free slot machine. The first selection criterion will relate to the theme - it's the easiest choice (and frankly we don’t always have all day in front of us to play either). Some players will prefer the themed slot machines like that of magic, or 3D (Gonzo's quest for example). Some will favor slot machine themes relating to the country or the time, for example Egypt with Cleopatra or better yet, the slot versions Book of Ra. Once the theme of the slot machine has been chosen, the choice is reduced.

Slot machine fans, having acquired a great deal of gaming experience, know that they can also sort according to the provider games. From best online game publishers, you will find Novolin and Greentube, Microgamning, NetEnt more Real Time Gaming. All excel precisely in one or two subjects, for example Microgaming for the quality and fluidity of its games. By setting your priorities in terms of entertainment therefore, you can therefore test the different software and choose one or two, which will also limit the choice among the thousands available to you (although you must accept the possibility of make a cross on slot machines without downloading)

Whatever your choice, do not forget to prioritize entertainment and remember the vagaries of chance at the casino. The one and only real trick of slots to come out a winner is a successful gaming experience.