Favorite styles of French poker players

Differents types de poker

Depending on the variant you choose, you will have between two and seven betting rounds to form the best poker hands possible. Let's take a close look at the most interesting types of poker games

If you have already participated in a tournament or attended WSOP, you know players don't just compete in one kind of poker. Thus, you have to be a poker pro to master all the variations of the game and their subtleties. Whichever online poker game you choose, always remember to check the specific rules of the game on the online casino in question, because among the variants are mixed the three main types: closed, open or community card poker

Texas holdem poker

Extremely famous, high profile and popular with players of all skill levels, Texas Holdem is the most frequently played in no limit. tea No Limit, is to raise and bet all the time but play in Limit, it's quite the opposite. There is also the Pot Limit, poker game in which raises are limited according to the amount of the pot. If you play real money online poker and have a bankroll a little tight, play Texas Holdem Poker Limit is a good choice of variant since you will not have to constantly think about how much to raise - the limits are there to precisely limit the actions of play and the amount of the bets. You will receive 2 private cards and the pre-flop (first betting round) begins before three community cards are laid out in the center of the playing mat, face up. There will be four betting rounds to form the best poker combination with 5 cards max.

Texas Holdem Bonuses:

  • If you play it live, be aware that this is a variant that makes the bluff difficult due to the fact that the sums cannot reach heights
  • If you are not the aggressive type or if you are still new to playing with limits is more reassuring. However, beware of the Texas Holdem Limit because you will tend to eliminate your chips very slowly but very surely
  • A game of Texas Holdem Limit poker is fast


Nicknamed the twin of the Texas hold'em, to form your Ohama combination you must use 2 of your private cards at least while in the other, only one is enough. Even if he 'Ohama looks a lot like texas holdem, it differs quite a bit from it in terms of the cards:

  1. Instead of two cards, players receive 4 private cards
  2. Among the 5 cards of the flop (all spread out on the carpet at once), there are only two visible
  3. One of the two cards is turned over after the 2nd betting round and the other in the 3rd.

Bonuses at Ohama:

  • If you like aggression in poker, theOmaha is an ultra-aggressive style of poker
  • Several kinds ofOmaha exist as the Hi-Low (High-Low) which consists of dividing the pot between the winning hand and the weaker hand.

Stud (the game of Kid or Cincinnati Poker)

The deal consists of 3 cards per player; 2 hidden and 1 visible, as with theOmaha and at Stud7 (7 Card Stud Poker). Even though the number of private cards varies according to the stud variant, there are usually no community cards, nor dealer, nor of blind. We could however speak of blind forced because to tell the truth, the weakest visible card gets the ball rolling: we then speak of ‘bring in ’. At bring-in, if there are two identical, we sort the colors alphabetically (diamond-hearts-spades-clubs). Then, it is distribution of a new visible card and since the step of bring-in is over, we can now count on the player who has the best visible combination to bet or make ‘check

Another popular variation of studs; tea Stud8 or better. In this game which is very similar to Stud7, only strong combinations will matter (from 8).

Stud bonuses:

  • If you redouble your memory and are good at arithmetic (especially at face down cards), you have a good chance of winning at stud poker
  • Conservative game allowing to place antes'

Video Poker

The current online fad for casino players is free poker or video poker. The French particularly appreciate free video poker games, since they allow them to improve their skills before being able to participate in live tournaments or in simple games of closed poker with friends. Although the dominant type of poker around the world is the Texas holdem, the pioneer of all is indeed the draw poker (closed poker, you know, the one you've seen in western movies where games end in brawls). Because after all, closed poker is ideal for anyone new to the game: there are 5 cards, they will always be closed. Not very fun for professionals, they opt for other variants that are gaining more and more popularity such as the poker royal or the Razz. The royal is, as the name suggests, a game of poker only constitutes the highest cards in value (and therefore with a small number of players).

Whatever type of poker you play, especially have fun!