Chance rules whatever casino game you play, but you won't win your poker game with luck.

Increase your poker odds of winning by knowing every poker combination inside out and finding your own playing style and strategies.

Nothing changes with the poker online: mastering the rules of the game and acting according to the attitude of your opponents are a must.

How well do you know the strongest combinations??

It is very likely that if you play online poker, your opponents will never be wrong. Accept that your worst enemy is yourself and test your knowledge of the rules of the game. The most common mistakes you can make are in winning combinations, such as:

  • Three-of-a-kind is always stronger than two pair, even if there are only three cards
  • A high value card does not count in a suit
  • The flush doesn't beat the straight

Bet smart: bet all the time

Novices and regulars, here are some great tips to destabilize your opponents and win at poker. Even if it seems absolutely insane to you, agree to bet a lot. Free online poker is perfect for practicing. You will find that very often the majority of hands will go to the flop. The players pass their turn for the simple reason that the best hands are very rare (premium pairs like two kings for example) and that human nature is doubtful and impatient. Knowing that most of your opponents are going to flop their hands because they are sure not to win, take advantage and bet on almost every flop!

Also remember to raise the hands as often as possible. This will amaze your opponents who will find it difficult to understand you and guess your game. Especially since the worst losers will think you have an incredible chance to hit some great cards.

When the fifth community card (last card to be placed face up in the center of the mat) is revealed, it is called river. Even if you are sure you will win, make a minimum bet at this time. This will mislead other players.

Stick to the poker pot statistic when you need to

The more the bets accumulate, the more it impresses. Know how to play this by keeping your big pot for the big hands. If you have a small hand then be sure to protect your chips.

Likewise, accumulated bets forming too big a pot can hurt you even if you have a premium hand. It suffices that the 4th (turn) or fifth card (river) common or in favor of your opponent so that he can turn the situation around with massive force at the river.

Bottom line: if you are confident that your opponent will call with hands that you beat, then call all the time.

Human and virtual poker tip

You would say that with online poker it is a little more difficult predict player reactions. However, in poker you can only win if you guess the game of others, since the goal is to win their chips. So how to do? Contrary to what everyone thinks, in video poker or other type of online casino poker: anticipating players' moves and analyzing each other's weak points is much easier than it seems. Test: play a game of free poker and you will see for example that:

  • players who play more than average bluff a lot
  • players who no longer have chips (tokens) go to bed right away
  • the players who do check frequently doubt, and are therefore vulnerable
  • players who bet small but draw almost always lose

You have to try a game of online poker to believe it, but surprisingly little, we have the impression that we analyze the actions and reactions of the players we face better than around a real poker table. Maybe the automation of the game has made the behaviors more understandable, and one of the most important of them is money management. Let's see how the bankroll is an effective and profitable poker strategy.

Poker Tip Number 1: Bankroll and Odds

Tea bankroll is what we call in the jargon the game budget, and during a game of poker the sum of credits that you have. As you can see, when you sit down there are several kinds of players around the table. The one whose bankroll is the lowest is vulnerable but be very careful. He won't bluff and his game will be that much easier to guess. However, keep in mind that luck will end up smiling on him, because by dint of losing we always end up winning (in the short term of course). This is what is called the laws of probability, and without being a pro in the matter, some basic knowledge will be very useful to you. Know a little about poker probability will inevitably be used to manage your bankroll since you will make better decisions during your game (you will know for example when to fold, which will allow you to pay for it).

Each poker game has its own strategy

Since the poker variants are mainly distinguished from each other based on face up and face down cards, be sure to always adopt a different deck for each variant. For example, have a different style of play for a poker tournament. However, if you are playing Texas holdem, always start by checking the rules of the game as they may vary depending on the online casino you are playing at.

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