The virtual, the right poker card

Playing free poker has revolutionized our vision of the casino, which until then represented a circle of play reserved for real money players. Poker, in all its shapes and varieties, has been around for ages, however our interest in this card game grew in the 2000s. In the old days, poker was just one of the parlor games that families played to pass the time, much like belote or tarot. It was also a highly coveted game for land-based casino players.

The poker games that the best casinos offer

  • tea Draw Poker - closed poker or French poker

This type of poker is the most played by the French. Players are dealt a hand of 5 cards that only they are allowed to see. The goal is to improve your game by replacing one or more of your cards. Whoever has the best combination wins the game. The name of the most internationally played firm poker variant is Five-Card Draw poker.

  • tea Stud Poker - the Stud

A game of poker which, until Hold'Em happens, had the most success (especially with Americans). It differs from closed poker in that some cards are turned over and others are not. The most common stud poker games are Seven-card stud (Seven card stud) and the Five-card stud (five cards).

  • tea Community Card Poker - classic poker or poker with community cards

Most Popular and Most Played Form of Poker Ever. You play against the other players, and each of you are dealt face down cards. The quality of your game depends on the cards spread out in the center of the playmat (community cards), which everyone can use as part of their hand. The game is made of several turns (pre flop, flop, turn and river and showdown). The most famous games of this type are the Texas hold'em and the Pot Limit Omaha.

poker en ligne

The Poker Machine

Video poker has become the dada of game fans because the situation has changed, both in terms of originality and in terms of the rules of the game. For example, in video poker the Ace is not the strongest card (although there are all kinds of different variations). While some are skeptical of the equity point of view in Video Poker (as with video roulette), it is always possible to fall back on live poker which will provide cold proof that nothing is rigged. It is always important to play at the best casinos and to consult the opinions of other players. There are also some independent organizations certifying the honesty of the games, just consult the accreditation and certificates section of the online casino. Progressive jackpots and tournaments can also be played in video poker version.