Roulette and its Variants

From the European continent to the USA via the USA

Roulette is a unique game of its kind that does not take a single wrinkle, despite its age. It is still very popular with online and hard-line casino players all over the world. This popularity spawns a multitude of different versions of the game. The most famous are the American Roulette, European and French.

Roulette has the advantage of being such a simple casino game that it was, in a matter of days, propelled to the heights of successful games. This gambling game is not only popular with gamers, but also turns heads of tourists and the general public. Few of the other online (or hard-core) casino games that come close to it in terms of popularity, entertainment and variations. This game has evolved a lot in 300 years, and nowadays it is possible to play 3 different ways, whether in real money or not, at an online casino or in a land-based casino.

  • American Roulette, which gives an advantage of 5.26% at the casino
  • European Roulette, which favors the casino at 2.63%, and
  • French Roulette, which only favors the casino at 1.32%

As you can see, the French Roulette is the variant that plays the least in favor of the casino. This means that by choosing this version, you are sure to have more fun than by choosing American or European roulette. Let's dig a little into this type of roulette that speaks to us, the French.

French Roulette

Much to our regret, this is not a game screen translated into French. This variant of Roulette is distinguished from others by somewhat special rules, which play in favor of the player. We now understand why it is not very common in casinos!

It looks a lot like European roulette with the only difference being a very distinct rule: sharing of bets. The rule of Share is to pay half the stake to the player who bet on a single chance (red / black, even / odd or pass / miss) when the ball lands on zero. There are two versions of this rule: sharing with or without sharing put in jail. Putting in prison consists of `` imprisoning the bet '' for a turn, so as not to have to re-bet. If the simple chance that was played at the start wins, the player recovers his full stake without winning.

Unfortunately the French variant is rarer in online casinos. This type of Roulette, moreover, is first choice when it comes to the use of strategies and systems. Sometimes you will even find online casinos that name their French roulette game differently, so as not to advertise it too much since it has the least advantage. Therefore, be smart: check the roulette type which you play by consulting the rules of the game in the section Aid (often represented by a tab shaped like a question mark, at the top or bottom of the game interface). If you don't have access to the French version of the game, go for theeuropean rather than the American.

Roulette, European version

European roulette games are offered frequently, regardless of the online or offline gaming space. This variant is undoubtedly the best known and the most played of all, especially in online casinos. As with French roulette, it consists of 37 squares numbered from 1 to 36 and a zero.

American Roulette

As the name implies, theAmerican roulette is the most commonly played roulette variant in the United States including the US, South America and the Caribbean. It is made up of 38 numbered boxes, one zero and one double zero.

Other kinds of online roulette

The advantage of playing online is having access to a wider range of variations of the same game. For example on online roulette casinos, you will find

  • games of Progressive Roulette

Progressive Roulette is a standard roulette game with a jackpot at the stake. Jackpot roulette is a good choice for the more strategic who want to hit the jackpot. Learn more about roulette strategies..

  • Games of Live Roulette

As if we were playing land roulette, we play live with a live dealer (real dealer). All the real elements of a land-based casino are present thanks to a camera system that films the game action and around the game.