Roulette Live Dealer


Why Bet on Live Roulette Online Casino?

It's hard to get the wrong table when visiting a real casino for a few games of roulette: just walk towards the crowd of players who are screaming, sweating, huffing and gesticulating all over the place. Once around the roulette table, you can notice an endless amount of chips of all colors and there, silence sets in. In a few seconds, the discreet sounding of the cue ball on the roulette wheel resonates in our ears. The stop will signal the end of the game, the end result and the excitement will be at its height. This is the challenge that the Live Roulette.

A question of authenticity above all

As with the simple 'left hand or right hand' guessing game, you have a 50/50 chance of winning live roulette. The best of both worlds, land-based casino gaming and online casino gaming, blend in with Live Roulette: A thrilling, hard-core casino game that you can play for real money, a croupier who runs the game and the possibility of being able to communicate by means of a cam simultaneously.

What we like about Live Roulette

Apart from the touch, the authenticity of the game rediscovered thanks to the human factor, it is also to have a complete overview of the game: we see everything, we hear everything and we can even interact with the players and the croupier. The trick is to be equipped with a cam and open the live chat window (live chat). It just goes to show that keeping up to date with certain new technologies such as live video transmission can be more than useful. See the elegant croupier (or the charming croupier) say ‘ladies and gentlemen, place your bets' from their computer - or on their Smartphone for fans of live roulette on mobile - is still rather incredible.

The cameras keep an eye on the Roulette tables

The principle is simple but you had to think about it. To be able to access live gaming tables from their mobile device or PC and see the dealer's gestures in real time, online casinos specializing in live games we invested in retransmission on our screens. They set up cameras that film and broadcast the game - it's that easy. Most of the time, the main camera is placed above the table to give the widest possible overview. The zooms are also intended for the beautiful eyes of connected players on mobile who are on the move, or directly on their PC at home. With this touch of reality, players also feel more reassured about the clarity and transparency of the game.

Free and Live Roulette

We know very well that the advantage of playing at an online casino is the free play mode, however if you are looking for authenticity of the game you should also be prepared to play real money roulette. Tea Live Roulette some online casinos, however, may not always be available for real money, so you may (if you research hard) find Roulette games in the studio or in real casinos at play money. On the other hand, do not expect a large choice in terms of types of roulette and accept to play the game live roulette free even if it is in the American version. Play your real money at the live roulette online is not synonymous with big losses since if you adopt a reasonable game, you can play very well for a long time thanks to the bets of 10 euro cents, what does not exist in the hard-core casino.

What changes during a game of Roulette Live?

To tell the truth, nothing really changes. You place your bets, just like you would on an electronic roulette or land roulette game, and you win or lose as it should. The only difference between theonline roulette real dealer and land-based casino roulette are the extras of an online casino, which are: bonuses, tournaments and jackpots. Indeed, who says online casino says online gifts and promotions, and therefore:

  • welcome bonus (real money given for free if you register)
  • deposit bonus (free credits)
  • bonus cashback (partial refund)
  • jackpot games (progressive roulette)
  • Live Tournaments (live dealer roulette tournaments)

Tea live roulette bonus generally apply to your initial deposit or may be intended for VIP players.