How to play Roulette

A simple little introduction to the rules of a game of roulette

Your intention is to play Roulette? Make sure you have:

  • A good understanding of the game in general and its rules
  • A good old slice of luck

The rules of the game of Roulette are easy to learn, whether for an online player or a land-based player. However, the gaming experience at an online casino is more popular with players, mainly because the games are faster, automated and above all playable free. But above all, it's the mix of adrenaline and simplicity that appeals most to La Roulette.

Basically Roulette is a fun adult guessing game where you bet on the outcome. This renowned casino game impresses first-time players at first sight due to the almost chaotic atmosphere around the table. We confirm this impression but it will not last long because once the games are played, it is dead calm and absolute silence that sets in.

The logic of the game

Guess which square the ball will land on, and bet money on it

Learn to play roulette in minutes

You should already know that there are three variations of this game: the American, the European and the French. The main difference between these 3 types of roulette is in the amount of boxes that the cylinder includes as well as certain rules in force during certain situations in a game.

  • French Roulette and European Roulette with ‘Un Seul Zéro’ have 37 black or red squares, numbered from 1 to 36. Zero is the only green box. The house advantage for these two versions of roulette is 2.63%
  • American and European Double Zero Roulette has 38 black or red squares, numbered 1 to 37. Zero and double zero are the only two boxes in green. The house advantage here is 5.26%

The arrangement of the numbered squares on the roulette wheel may seem trivial, however it hides a real work to achieve the best balance of colors and numbers.

The rule of jail and sharing in roulette

French Roulette is known to be one of the most profitable variants of roulette as jail time and split bets lower the house edge. While theAmerican Roulette gives the casino an edge between 5.26% and 7.89%, the prison rules and the separation of French roulette they favor the casino of 1.35% to 2.63%

The rules of Partition and Jail are not found exclusively in French roulette, however they apply in the majority of games of this type of roulette. On online casinos, you will find all the variations but each of the games has its own rules. We therefore strongly recommend that you immediately go to the Help section (or ?) of the interface, once loading is complete. Thus, you will know absolutely everything about the rules of the game in question.

  • The sharing (bets shared between the dealer and the player): In the event of a bet on the single odds (i.e. miss / pass, or even / odd, or red / black), you automatically get half the stake in case the ball lands on zero or double zero.
  • The imprisonment (put on hold, until next move): If the roulette ball lands on 0 or 00, bets on single odds become 'jail time'. These are therefore placed in the 'prison' box of the playmat and wait to be recovered in the next round if the same single bet chance falls

Interior and exterior bets

The variety of different types of roulette bets is one of the factors that has contributed to the game's worldwide popularity. This variety gives the game more depth, and it also explains why so many different kinds of players play it.

Basically, we can distinguish two main categories of roulette bets:
Inside Bets (inside bets)

  • Straight bet (Full Number Bet): The classic single number bet, and probably the one that pays the most money
  • Split Bet (On horseback): We bet on two numbers by placing our chip between the two
  • Street bet (Full Cross): We bet on 3 consecutive numbers
  • Square Bet (Square): We bet on 4 consecutive numbers (chip placed in the middle)
  • Basket (first square) and top line (first line): even rarer, it is a question of betting on three or four of these numbers: 00, 0, 1 and 2 without them being in a row
  • Trio (Triple bet): rare but sometimes offered, we bet on 0.1, and 2 or 2, 3, 0
  • Split row Where Six Line (Sixain): You bet on 6 numbers by placing your chip between two columns of 3 numbers each.
    Outside Bets
  • Column (Column): We bet on the 12 numbers of one of the three vertical columns
  • Red / black (Red / Black), odd / even (Even / Odd), High / Low (Lack / Pass): these are simple odds, which do not pay much but with which we have more chances of winning.

The best French casinos to play roulette at

Now that you have a good grasp of roulette, it's time to test your understanding of the game in real life. You have two options, Live Roulette or the Online casino roulette.

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