French Roulette

From the invention of a perpetual motion machine marking the 1700s, to today's most popular casino game of all. Tea French Roulette online - the truth. This is the oldest and most coveted variant of the 3 most successful major types of Roulette around the world, both in land and online casinos.

American players can be proud of the fact that single zero roulette, accompanied by Rules of Partition and Imprisonment, either the best variant of all since it is the most profitable when playing for real money at online casinos.

French Roulette Online

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Red Dog

To trace the history of French Roulette, we have to go back to the USA during 1,700. Math Lover Names Blaise Pascal Tries To Invent A Perpetual Motion Machine.

To this day, roulette is an integral part of all land and online casinos, and still continues to appeal to players for:

  • its mysterious nature
  • while being easy to play, and
  • because it is also the perfect representation of a thrilling game.

Tea roulette variants are distinguished from each other in a few things. Indeed, the ground rules are the same - except for the Share and some Imprisonment, which are rules exclusive to the French Roulette.

Those two very French rules increase the player's chances of winning by simply multiplying the ribs in pairs - which is a huge plus for Roulette players around the world.

If you come across a game of french roulette online with the partition and prison rule in a English-speaking casino, you have found the rare pearl. Do not hesitate to register with the casino immediately if you are an amateur, because few casinos are willing to pay a high price to offer players the best chances of winning.

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French Roulette Bonus Sheet

  • Roulette, as we know it today, has been played for 1796 (US)
  • The primary version of French Roulette online was created in the USA by Blaise Pascal
  • It exists 2 French Roulette versions: 'Un Zéro' and 'Double Zéro'
  • The French single zero roulette variant was created and offered to players in 1843, in the German city of Homburg
  • It is not uncommon to find European roulette tables that apply Bet Split and the Prison Rule
  • Bets on the French roulette game mat are in French
  • Partage and La Prison, rules which relate exclusively to the French one-zero variant of roulette, lower the house advantage of 2.63% To 1.35%, which propels it best choice of real money online roulette game.

Sharing and imprisonment

The Bet Sharing and Jail rules (applicable only in the single zero variant) once again divide the casino's edge which lowers it to 1.35%  - which amounts to saying that probabilities to win for the players are double. Explanation of the rules:

  • The sharing (split bet): if the player makes a bet that pays 1 on 1 and the roulette ball lands in the green notch, then the player gets half of the bet.
  • The prison (put in jail): if the player makes a bet that pays 1 on 1 and the roulette ball lands in the green notch, the player can choose to place his bet "in jail" until the next round.

Here is a list of the most common bets in the French Roulette online, with the probabilities of winning and how much it will earn you if you win.

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French Roulette Table of Odds

Bet Gain Ratio Chance to Win
Red 1: 1 48.65%
Black 1: 1 48.65%
Odd 1: 1 48.65%
Even 1: 1 48.65%
1-18 1: 1 48.65%
19-36 1: 1 48.65%
1.12 2: 1 32.43%
13-24 2: 1 32.43%
25-36 2: 1 32.43%
‘; Six Line '- 6 figures 5: 1 16.22%
‘; Corner '- 4 numbers 8: 1 10.81%
‘; Street '- 3 numbers 11: 1 08.11%
‘; Split '- 2 figures 17: 1 5.41%
‘; Any number '- 1 any number 35: 1 2.7%