TEA'European Roulette in the spotlight

Why the European version of Roulette is the one that knows how to whisper in gamblers' ears?

It is statistically proven that casino players play roulette much more than other games and if given a choice, prefer the game European variant to others. Even French casino players favor European roulette over other types! Let's dig deeper into the subject to understand how roulette with european touch is she better.

The rules of European roulette

It was in Germany that the brilliant idea of ​​removing double zero from roulette appeared to a wealthy casino boss. It was therefore in the early 1840s that European roulette took its first steps towards success. As we announce in the article Roulette Rules

  • European roulette is made up of 37 numbered boxes, one of which is the only one to be green: zero.
  • The casino advantage in European roulette is (mathematically speaking) 2.63%
  • Inside and outside bets are the same as for other types of roulette
  • The earnings ratios are the same

Please note: some online casinos will advertise a European roulette game with changing rules - for example the rule of sharing and of the prison which are rules usually specific to French roulette. Always check the rules by consulting the game rules of each game.

Odds greater thanEuropean Roulette

Even if French Roulette is statistically the most advantageous for roulette players, it is the European roulette odds that win out. Indeed, since the main difference between the roulette variants is zero, we must be interested in the rules which concern the zero like the split betting rule. Depending on the type of European roulette, this type of rule may apply, just as it may not exist at all.

The different versions of European Roulette

Even if European roulette is the most famous variant with French casino players and others, originality and innovation are never refused. The biggest online gaming providers and the best casinos know this well and therefore offer us several types of European roulette. The types of the variant made in europe differ from the point of view:

  • Design (graphics, sound effects and table limits. Example: Roulette VIP, Immersive Roulette)
  • Access (games without download and / or Mobile. Example: Mobile Roulette, Roulette Flash)
  • Functionality (Advanced Roulette, with special bets, displayed betting probabilities)
  • Authenticity (Live European Roulette, with real dealer in real or fictitious money)
  • Originality (Multiball Roulette, with several balls)
  • Bonus (Progressive European Roulette, with a jackpot to be won)

To end this article, we will make it a point of honor that the Free Roulette exists only on online casinos, and especially in European version. Thereby, European Roulette is no longer played virtually. It must be said that the free European roulette games allowed the most strategic of players to test their very special roulette techniques, something which is more difficult in a terrestrial casino.

Tea European variant of Roulette therefore also varies in itself. This is the winning bet for virtual casinos that seek only to entertain us, and if possible continuously.