Strategic craps: decrease losses, increase profits

Strategies au Craps

Like all games that involve real money betting, there are one or more strategies on how to play in order to win more money

You who play table games at the casino should know that not all strategies are good to adopt. However, some were designed on purpose to be a winner, whether in real money or experience. That being said, the rules have been made so that the odds are always in the casino's favor. You should expect to lose in the long run, but don't underestimate the rules, the odds. Simultaneously adopt a strategic game to avoid losing too much money because there will be mistakes and put your odds on winning the maximum once the luck is on your side.

Craps Strategies - The Basics

Craps players have fun making money at the casino, but in order for a casino to exist it has to make money. So it's no secret that the odds are always in his favor. This is called the 'home advantage'.

Beginners tend to lose more money than experienced players when playing craps at a French online casino or abroad. The first solid strategy is to know the reasons behind these losses:

  • Lack of understanding of the game and its basic strategy
  • Gaps in gaming experience by focusing on solo play rather than with other players

You won't be the only one winning or losing money - you just need to avoid bad bets and learn how to play optimally.

It is by playing that you become a player

Basic strategy cannot be explained in writing and therefore cannot be learned by reading. Having a basic strategy can be learned with training. The pure and simple practice of the game is the one that will give you real results. Online you have the advantage of playing flash games and unlimited access to free craps games. Not to spoil anything, craps variations aren't complicated and trying them out will only increase your winning capital. You will find that playing smart pays off and once the luck is on your side, it will pay off twice. Other ways to make more money and lose less:

  • Know the bets that bring in the most money
  • Know bad bets even better and beware of them like the plague
  • Avoid all strategies based on mathematical systems (Regression, Anything but 7, ect)

The best online craps bets

Generally speaking, at online casinos craps is already the right choice to play as it is one of the table games that gives the house the lowest percentage advantage. But you will always get more for your money in craps if you optimize your game in such a way as to limit your losses as much as possible and increase your chances of winning. If you're having a good day too, you'll only have these 4 updates:

  • The Pass Bet
  • The Don't Pass Bet
  • The 'Comes' (Come)
  • The Bet 'Doesn't Come' (Don’t Come)

Note: The stakes Come and Do not come are only possible once the Point has been defined.

The reason you need to remember these bets is because they are the best bets you can make. The odds that you will win with these bets are 98%, since the advantage at the casino is only 1.4%