The Different Online Blackjack Games


When the blackjack player's decisions are not just about the playing action

From online blackjack games, you will not only find different game rules, from distinct game modes more several versions of the same type of game.

Depending on the online blackjack casino you choose, you will have the choice between a specific game mode; blackjack for real money and play in demo mode, that is to say free. Added to this are the different versions of the game, for example the multiplayer version, the version multi-hands or even that which is offered instantaneously (blackjack games without downloading) or by downloading software. To top it off, the rules and strategies will also differ depending on the variant blackjack you will play.

Parts ofonline blackjack rich in variants

Among the most famous types of blackjack in the land-based casino world, we find the following online:

TEA'American Blackjack online
In other words, this is the classic game with 8 to 6 decks of cards. The rules the dealer will follow are the same, i.e. for his first hand: one card face down and one card face up. Usual payoff ratio is 3 to 2. However in classic blackjack online, you can choose between different styles of action possible for each of the opponents. If the possible game actions vary, such as the possibility for the dealer to receive a new card at 17, be aware that the stakes, the payouts and even the design will also vary. From types of american blackjack online, you will meet
• tea Single Deck (only one deck of cards),
• tea Vegas strip Where Vegas downtown (various actions at will),
• tea'Atlantic city and the Perfect Pairs (Perfect Pair, special bet called Side bet)

TEA'European Blackjack online
The European version of the game will vary in the names, in the game rules for the Dealer. We reassure you, his cards will always be visible.
• Tea Spanish Blackjack
Some will say that the player is more to his advantage in this type of variant, and there is some truth if we analyze the different possible game actions. There is no 10 in this particular variant, even if the figures are indeed present. Fortunately, the world of online casinos offers games of Spanish blackjack with 10s (that’s confusing, we admit) but with payout ratios and playing rules that are less advantageous for the player
• Tea Double Exposure Blackjack - also called Face Up 21
As the name suggests, the dealer's game is exposed and therefore no face-up cards are allowed in this blackjack game. However, the rules will be less strict for him when it comes to the distribution of cards.
• Tea Gold Blackjack Where Blackjack Professional Series
Professional blackjack or gold series can be interpreted in different ways depending on the gaming site offering them. For example, some specialized software will offer part of Blackjack Pro or games of Blackjack Gold at different bets, they are side bets. Tea side bets are bets we have color gold we have particular hande (like a pair of Jacks). It also exists games gold gold pro to special wagering conditions, generally high (also called High Limit Where High Stakes). Finally, these games are often very well designed, and have a High Definition or 3D design.

Choosing the best variant of blackjack online

Whichever version of blackjack you choose is the one that works best for you on a personal level. You may very well favor a game of blackjack because it offers less stringent wagering requirements than usual, or a variant in which you are free to split your hand into two games or even double down very frequently.

The right choice of blackjack variant lies in you, and more specifically what defines the fun of the game of blackjack for you. Do you try to all blackjack games that you will meet at the best online casinos ensuring that you keep a certain advantage on the croupier.