Blackjack Rules of the Game


The only addiction allowed to blackjack is to its rules

When you have access to free games as well as online blackjack bonuses, it is worth paying attention to the special 'online' playing rules and since casino gambling is prohibited in many European countries. , the games remain in their original version. In other words, you will need a minimum of English vocabulary to be able to understand our online blackjack games. Fortunately, most of the expressions are familiar or easy to understand. However, it is crucial to have some basic knowledge, especially since blackjack is one of the few gambling games in which the house is the least advantaged.

Learn the blackjack rules

Blackjack rule number 1: learn by heart how much blackjack cards are worth.

  • The ace is worth 1 or 11 points - your choice
  • The Jack, The Queen, The King and the 10 are worth 10 points
  • The other cards are worth the points they indicate

If there is anything easy to learn by heart, it is the value of the cards in a casino game such as blackjack. As you can see, they are easy to remember and in addition, we have a lot to gain from them. Indeed, the credits increase quickly in your player account when you win your blackjack games. So learn how to play well and then withdraw real money winnings.

Golden rule number 2: have a hand of 21 points in value, or as close as possible. Add up the points and you get the result of your hand. If your hand adds up to a total far short of 21, ‘ask the dealer for a card’ but if you’re already very close to 21 points in value, know when to stop.

Blackjack cards are normally always face down, except sometimes for one of the first two cards to the Dealer at the start of the game. Most blackjack players are aware of the No Hole Card rule in European Blackjack, which differentiates it from the American variant in which the rule No Hole Card does not normally apply. For those who do not know this rule of the game, we say that the Dealer (croupier) takes a No Hole Card when a face up card is dealt. So the rule No Hole Card wants that the first card to the dealer is visible - hence the term No (No) Hole Card (Face Hidden Card). This rule does not play to his advantage nor does it disadvantage him, it’s just a different way of dealing cards that worries superstitious players at best.

Most blackjack games online are based on American blackjack rules, however there are so many variations (and subcategories for each of them) that the chances are that the same rules of the game do not always apply in every game of online blackjack. We therefore always advise you to consult the rules of the game specific you play. You should find them in the Help section (Help Where ?) on the game interface, directly.

The Virtual Blackjack Game

If you've made up your mind on which game of blackjack you want to play, you also know if you're going to be playing for real or fake. So select the game of free blackjack or real money blackjack and once the game has finished loading, place your bets using the chips (at the bottom of the game screen). Unlike other card games, the only bet is monetary.  When you are ready to play, click on the “Deal” button to start dealing the cards. Two cards make up everyone's hand, in this case you and the dealer unless you are participating in a blackjack tournament or a live blackjack game. Depending on the hand you have, you can

  • choose to add a card or more by clicking on the "Hit" button
  • click on the “Stand” button to indicate that you do not want a new card

Blackjack Insurance

TEA'insurance is offered when there is a risk the dealer wins the game with blackjack, so you lose big. Most of the time, when you are offered insurance, it means the dealer has an Ace, so they only need a ten to make blackjack. Like any protection, blackjack insurance has a cost that is automatically added to the initial bet and its amount represents 50% of the stake. If the dealer hits Blackjack, you keep the initial bet.

Blackjack Duel Combat

In short, in blackjack all you have to do is learn the rules of the game and bet any amount of money, whether fictitious or real, and wait for the verdict. But blackjack is not just a game of chance, because the decision-making must be thoughtful and strategic. While waiting for our next chapter which will focus on blackjack strategies, play free blackjack games to know how to play it well and guess the game of your one and only opponent: the croupier. Practice is one of the best ways to learn how to play blackjack, and even excel at it, but always your own way.