Live Blackjack Games


All we needed was playing real money online blackjack in a real gambling hall.

Online casinos that listen to our desires, expectations and needs have made the right bet by investing in live games. Now the best online card games can be played at real tables, with real chips and with real live dealers.

The concept of a live online casino

It's hard to imagine that it is virtually possible to play blackjack games while enjoying the atmosphere of a live casino. Yet the live casinos exist for good, so how does it work, precisely? The operation is the same as that of video conferencing and live chat. As another example, you also have live streaming, i.e. watching TV programs broadcast in real time from PC. Blackjack tables run by real dealers are filmed and broadcast live. It can be game tables

  • Real casino

Several cameras are installed in a land-based casino and film both the table we are seated at, the other blackjack tables as well as a television screen present in the casino (which will prove to us the transcription in real time)

  • Private and fully equipped game room

Usually, these are not very large game studios rented exclusively by the online casino in question (the casino logo is also displayed everywhere). These private gambling halls are manned by around fifteen human croupiers who run the gambling games before our eyes. Those Live Dealer as they are called, act with all the professionalism of a casino croupier one would expect, applying all the actions and gestures related to the real game action (handling of chips, shuffling and dealing of cards)

Better playing conditions at the live casino

Several types of live blackjack games are offered (American blackjack, blackjack perfect pairs, ect), as usual. What is changing with live blackjack online, and which is a great reason to get started withonline blackjack live, Those are the starting bets. The fact of playing live does not require us to place larger bets, which is however a rule that we must comply with in a solid casino. Although free blackjack games are rather scarce at casinos specializing in live gambling, note that it is possible to make small bets at live blackjack. These real money bets are usually in the order of a few euro cents, it all depends on the blackjack game table limit which you play. This is a huge advantage for the blackjack player who enjoys live dealer games but is on a tight budget.

Do you know how to speak Live Dealer Blackjack ?

We will try to avoid a problem for you that is not really one. As in any show live, expect all the drawbacks of direct as well as all its joys.

While the best online casinos offer gamblers who crave authentic gaming thrills the action of Vegas casinos (whether live games on mobile or PC), not all traditional gambling is. in French. Keep this little one at your disposal lexicon of live blackjack on hand, during your virtual games with a real dealer.

  • Bet: Stake / Bet
  • Credits: Playable amount
  • Hit: Menu
  • Multi Player Live Blackjack¬†: Multiplayer Blackjack with Real Dealer
  • Rebet: Make the same bet as in the previous game (bet the same amount)
  • Single Player Live Blackjack: Single player blackjack with Real Dealer
  • Splitting Pairs: Divide Pairs
  • Stand: To stay
  • Tip: Tip (to the croupier)