The Rules of the Baccarat Game

We had explained in our introduction to baccarat that to win, you had to reach 9 points in card value, or get as close as possible. We have also seen the value of the cards which is zero points for figures, a point for the Aces and year face value for the rest cards. Regarding the card distribution, there is also a regulation to respect. Our first advice, after having assimilated the rules of Baccarat, is to practice it. On some sites, you also have access to tutorials that show you how to play baccarat.

When is the card dealt in Baccarat?

For each game there should be a section Help which guides you on the authorized card distribution. Most of the time, three cards max. will be distributed to each of the Baccarat players. The following rules apply regarding card distribution:

  • If someone scores 8 or 9 points, no more cards are dealt
  • If someone comes up with a result of 5 points or less and the banker decides to stop (stand in English), there is card distribution
  • The banker is forced to stop (they say he 'stays') if the player has decided to stay on a 6 or a 7 however he can ask for one more card in most situations.

How do you bet in Baccarat?

Uniquely three types of baccarat bets; the bet on equality (Tie, ​​in English), setting on the banker's hand and setting on the player's hand. tea payout ratio will depend on the type of bet in Baccarat, so it is best to refer to the paytable which should be in the Help section (usually at the bottom of the game screen). The payout ratio of the tie bet is also announced on the playing mat (unfortunately in English most of the time), in the following format for example β€˜TIE 8: 1Which means that the tie pays 8 to 1, or 80 euros for a stake of 10 euros.

The house advantage in Baccarat

Baccarat is not a casino game in favor of the latter, as the house edge is small, and can even be minimized with the right baccarat strategies. Forget about card counting in Baccarat, which can only prove useful in land-based casinos. One of the bets in Baccarat, however, will work in favor of the casino: the bet on the banker's hand (Dealer, in English). Think twice before making this bet, as the majority of casinos charge you a commission.

How to play online baccarat

Like any card game, we start with the bets. With online baccarat, low stakes ranging from 1 euros to 100 euros (and more in the variant of the Baccarat VIP game for example). To place your bet, indicate the amount you want to put in the game by clicking on one of the chips and then directly on the location representative of the type of bet. Once all bets have been placed, the first hand consisting of two cards is dealt. As in blackjack, if a first hand directly reaches the maximum desirable value, it is said to be a 'natural' hand and that hand wins. Otherwise, the game continues with a second hand dealt.

Baccarat Lexicon

Beginner or familiar Baccarat players, your games will be easy but with online baccarat, a minimum of Baccarat vocabulary is required.
Baccarat: This term not only refers to the name of the game but also to the worst possible hand that has a value of zero.

  • Banker (or Banker's Bet): When betting on the Bank
  • Mini-Baccarat: Simplified version of Baccarat where you play on a smaller table, making smaller bets
  • Natural: designates the best hand (winning hand) whose value is 8 or 9, also called a "big hand"
  • Figure (Or "dressed"): baccarat vocabulary used to designate an illustrated card
  • Menu: When requesting to receive a card
  • Railway: European variant of baccarat. The croupier represents the casino, he is the 'banker'
  • Stand: means "to stay". We say that we 'stay' when we decide not to receive a card
  • Limits: refers to the minimum and maximum bets