Baccarat among online casino games with real dealers

Baccarat live dealer

French Baccarat fans find all the authenticity of the game at the casino with the possibility of playing live on online gambling sites. Our passion for the card game of Baccarat is thus rekindled without the need to play for real money in a land-based casino. Playing real baccarat games is now possible online with the Live Baccarat.

While the largest online game providers have invested in video or 3D games, the best idea they have ever had is the launch of games from live casino. What is the live ultimately? We all know what 'live chat' is thanks to new means of communication on the internet that allow us to chat live on pc, laptop or mobile. Live games work more or less the same.

How it works?

The idea is to reproduce the environment of the casino in hard. For this, we therefore need real elements such as real casino tables with real chips, clogs, card games and especially human croupiers. In the case of Baccarat, several high definition cameras placed at different places on the casino table film, zoom and capture the action of the games not only on this same table but also of the other gaming tables surrounding it. This is how online casinos recreate the atmosphere of the game we thought we had lost.

Restoring the magic of hard play to online gaming

To revitalize baccarat games, reproduce the atmosphere of hard play, all means are good to strengthen the dynamism of our online gaming experience. There are two ways that online casinos offer us to play Baccarat with a real dealer, which you will find in the section Live Games of the site or Live Dealer Games:

  • Cameras installed in a land-based casino film live the action that takes place in a game of Baccarat. We, as the player, sit down at the table by simply connecting our webcam and selecting the game of Live Baccarat for real money. To chat with participants, simply open the Chat window from the game screen.
  • A fully equipped game studio contains a multitude of cameras focused on the game (game mat and croupier) and on a TV screen showing the news, proving that the game action takes place in real time. To communicate during the game, a Live Chat window is also available on the game interface.

Baccarat game with live dealer tested, approved

To begin with, the game of Baccarat online in direct mode is not playable for free. Real Baccarat players may know it, but if you are thinking of making free spins online, you might as well fall back on video version table games like the video poker. Then, as mentioned a little earlier, you have to select the right section; that of games with live dealer. Regarding the settlement at Baccarat Live, nothing changes if it is only the possibility of doing all small bets at the Baccarat tables online with Live Dealer. In a few clicks you are connected to a table of Baccarat Live bonus aven a smiling croupier. To bet in Live Baccarat, just proceed in the same way as in standard online Baccarat: select the chip by clicking on it (to double the bet, click twice) and to place your bet, click on the spot pointing to her on the playmat (Bank, Player Where Tie). Whether it's Baccarat Live Multi Player Where Single Player, once all bets are placed, the dealer (who is still smiling) begins to deal the cards and it is immediately immersed in the game while maintaining some privacy. Indeed, if we have the right to oversee the game, the other players do not have any on us. This allows you not to be distracted or destabilized, and this is important when you gamble your money.

The mini lexicon of Baccarat Live

Bank: Refers to the bet on the Bank, or on the Banker. Remember that in most live Baccarat games this bet takes you 5% commission (see Rules of the Game)
Mini-Baccarat Live Games: Classic Baccarat games with human croupier having the particular possibility for the player to be able to make low bets.
Bankroll: Amount of money available to the player (amount in your player account)
Burnt Card: Neutral card removed at the start of the game
High Roller Baccara: Baccarat game with high stakes
Multi Player: Game with several players
Stand: Stay with the hand you have (you don't want an additional card)
Tie: Tie (The value of the Bank's hand and that of the Player are identical)
Table limits: Table limits (minimum and maximum bets)